Aulis Lundell Oy 40 years of ecological steel profile manufacturing

Aulis Lundell Ltd

Aulis Lundell Oy specializes in the manufacture of steel profiles manufactured with roll forming technology, the development and marketing of lightweight construction systems, and the manufacture of further processed products such as elements.

Our company is a Finnish family business, we have been supplying the construction industry with Lundell Profile products since 1980.

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Aulis Lundell Ltd manufactures steel products. Our concepts include partition walls, suspended ceilings, sliding door elements, foundations, steel molding services, and energy-efficient detached houses.

Improve quality and schedules with our products in renovation projects as well as new building sites. Fast production and delivery are always uniform for us.

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Pyörre-talo ja Aulis Lundell Oy


The low-carbon circular economy model house is revolutionizing Finnish housing construction
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Aulis Lundell Oy references


The usage and references of Aulis Lundell products are versatile and wide
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Modular construction of Aulis Lundell Oy

Modular construction

Module frame made of steel weighs less than two-thirds compared to a wooden module frame
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