2022 Housing Fair in Naantali.

Liune door solutions will be seen again in several locations at the 2022 Housing Fair in Naantali.

Now there is an opportunity to get to know Liune's solutions in various homes at the Housing Fair in sunny Naantali. What could be better on a beautiful summer day than a great fairground, and new inspirations for the décor of your own home?

Modular construction is an integral part of future residential construction, and Liune is part of the Lundell X MOD module concept. The steel modules will be brought to the housing fair for the second time in front of the public.

You can find Liune and X MOD near the beach in Ua5.

Modular construction is still associated with a stripped-down aesthetic, but we are witnessing that this is no longer the case, as the goal of Lundell X MOD is to provide the opposite WOW experience. With stunning space design and bold décor, it is possible to create comfortable homes. In power use of 29.75 m
2 there is a spacious living room, kitchen, bedroom, and SPA. The interior style, which represents the Scandinavian Renaissance, was launched at the Lohja Housing Fair, the parent house of circular economy, at the Lohja Housing Fair, where the destination won both the Best House and Best Interior awards, as well as the first commendation of "Green Deed". Liune's space solutions are decorated together with visual artist Johanna Oras. Come and get to know and love the fair.

Creative interior design solutions as an innovator for construction

Aulis Lundell Oy won all the prizes at last year's Lohja Housing Fair at its Pyörre House, one of which was the Best Interior Award. Liune sliding doors were an important part of the impressive, colorful, and award-winning décor.

The Liune sliding door adds space and gives a new dimension to the interior. It enables the creation of personal space and atmosphere, reinforced by art, colors, and surfaces. Creative solutions are at the heart of today's construction and space design.

In addition to space solutions, there will also be art interiors and a novelty that is familiar to everyone and loved by many, and the glazing of which will take place in Naantali.

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See you in Naantali!

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