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Welcome to renew steel construction and Finnish living

There are plenty of steel construction brands throughout the world.  You can explore them and write their histories, but we are proud of the way Aulis Lundell Ltd has taken its own place in the field of lightweight construction. 

We are partners with large building companies and construction material manufacturers, and provide both professionals and small-scale builders with steel products and pre-manufactured construction elements.


For me this is a sign of good, aesthetic design and high-quality manufacturing, as well as the limitless possibilities of roll forming and the unrelenting dedication of entrepreneurs.   I want to ensure that Aulis Lundell Ltd takes this cultural heritage forwards in a modern and innovative way.

Our company's vitality is created by inventions, lightweight structure system technology, our own brands, and cooperation with customers.  Steel is moulded according to the laws of physics, but our operations are equally guided by customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

As owner and managing director, I have set new aims for Aulis Lundell Ltd.  Clean steel sheet metal, aesthetically pleasing profiles, and the company's growth and history are still cornerstones.  I combine these with the changing values surrounding us, for example in developing solutions for energy efficient living.

My mission is to lead the company with determination and ensure the quality and development of new business areas in a way that reflects the values of our times.  Lundell's products will continue to meet our customers' expectations and requirements as well as regulations set by the authorities.  We will develop more new lightweight structure solutions in line with our company's traditions.  We will increase our production taking into consideration environmental aspects and demand within the limits of managed growth of the company.  I see great possibilities for Aulis Lundell Ltd in the future.

You are always welcome to learn about our new business areas, services and products.

Leena Lundell
managing director

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