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 2019 Aulis Lundell Oy

There are many brands in steel building industry in the world. We could make studies about them or write their history, but I am proud about the way that Aulis Lundell Oy has taken its place in the lighteweight construction industry. 

We operate as partners with big building companies and building material manufacturers. We serve the professional builders as well as home constructors with steel products and ready-made elements. We are proud to be Finnish, our deliveries go always on time and the delivery time is short. 

I think that is an expression of good planning, aesthetic designing and high-class production. It is also a sign of the unlimited possibilities of roll forming and the relentless devotion of the entrepreneurs. 

Leena Lundell CEO

On my behalf I want to make sure that Aulis Lundell continues to bring this cultural heritage forward with innovative and modern way. 

The spirit of our company rises from inventions, the technology on lightweight industry, our own brands and co-operation with our clients. The steel is being moulded with the laws of physics, as the customer satisfaction and ongoing improvement are guiding our actions.  

As an owner and CEO, I have set some new goals for Aulis Lundell Oy. The base lines are still the purity of the steel plates and beauty of the profiles, but also the growth and the history of the company. I combine all those with the modern values, for example in developing energy efficient solutions for habitation. 

My mission is to lead the company with determination. In want to ensure the quality and development of the new business branches in the way that follows the values of our times. The Lundell products will fulfill the expectations and requirements of the costumers and the regulations of the authorities. I see excellent opportunities for Aulis Lundell Oy in the future.

I welcome you to familiarize our business, sevices and products.

Leena Lundell

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