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Contact information

Profile-sales  +358 207 341 400

Emails in the form of: firstname.surname@aulislundell.fi or sales@aulislundell.fi

E-invoice address: OVT-ID: 003703510495

E-invoicing operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy

Invoice ID: E204503

E-invoice email: as pdf –files, ostoreskontra@aulislundell.fi 

Invoice address: Tarrankuja 2, 08500 Lohja, Finland


LUNDELL-PROFILE : Nummenpääntie 6, 09430 Saukkola
Reception and dispatch center for Lundell-Profile material is open from 07:00 to 15:00 on weekdays

LIUNE DOOR: Tarrankuja 2, 08500 Lohja
Reception and dispatch center open weekdays klo 08:30-16:00

All other loadings and retrieval times must be agreed in advance.

Terms of Delivery (only in Finnish at the moment,we apologize) PDF

Privacy policy (only in Finnish at the moment,we apologize)

Terms of use of the www.aulislundell.fi -website (only in Finnish at the moment,we apologize)

Complaint form

Innovation for building industry with environmental friendly Steel

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