Congratulations Gypsteel!

Väliseinän rakentaminen

In this Year 2019 it’s time to celebrate the now 10-y.o. Gypsteel.

In 2009 an agreement was signed with Aulis Lundell Ltd, Gyproc and Hadley Group. With their patented UltraSTEEL®– sheet molding method the steel studs could be made 20% stonger than before.

Now the contruction sites follow the time-tables better than before and the workload on the builders has decreased. Gypsteel is a truly green product. Thanks to its lightness the total carbon footprint is smaller than when building with traditional steel, or wood.

Gypsteel is a cost efficient entity now and in the future.                                                                                                                                          

Important years
  • In 2009   Gypsteel® profiles based on UltraSTEEL® technique
  • In 2010 the Gypsteel GK –profiles are presented for the new CE-labeled GK-subceiling system. This is the only GK-system on the market that as an entity has been tested based on the standard 13964
  • In 2012 Gypsteel SKP sound technical channel hits the market. With them the installation of this silent entity is now even faster than before.
  • In 2017 the Gypsteel XR –sound technical  studs are developed. They take the soundproofing of partition walls to a whole new level. 

Ergonomy - checked

According to research done by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, the loads on for example the back decrease by 14% when Gypsteel-studs are used instead of flush steel studs. Moreover, the profiles are approximately 20% lighter. The ergonomic qualities of the Gypsteel-stud also improve the occupational safety. The Gypsteel-stud is also by far the most cost efficient alternative.


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