Even a house can be built with steel profiles

Even a house can be built with steel profiles

Two special houses were on display at Finnish Housing Fair last summer: the steel-framed Pyörre and the ProModi. The results of both houses concretized Aulis Lundell Oy's experience, innovation, and know-how accumulated during its forty years. Steel is the material of the future, and its use in the construction industry should be increased for many reasons. The dimensional accuracy of the steel profiles ensures that they are easy and quick to install. The steel is well suited to Finland's demanding weather conditions and can be used to respond to the growing environmental awareness and related current and future regulations. 

Steel profiles for all construction are manufactured by Aulis Lundell Oy

The lifeless and dimensionally accurate steel frame also works perfectly as a frame solution for small houses. What all can be built from steel profiles? What are the advantages of steel compared to wood construction, for example?

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