Working With Saint-Gobain Gyproc

Gypsteel 10 years in 2019

In co-operation with Saint-Gobain Finland

Gypsteel XR

Aulis Lundell Oy co-operates closely with Gyproc Saint-GobainGyproc  is a market leader in lightweight construction industry. Gyproc plasterboards improves well-being in living spaces with innovative, effective and sustainable way.

The most visible relust of the co-operation of Lundell Oy and Gyproc are Gypsteel- frames. The steel profiles are manufactured with patended UltraSTEEL® -tehcnique by Hadley Group. The process is a cold rollforming technology that has enabled customers from different industries around the world to improve product efficiency, save weight and reduce the use of raw materials.

The ergonomic Gypsteel profiles are lighter and fastern to install than average steel profiles.

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